About Us

VishoJyoti Mobile Mart Pvt. Ltd.

Vishojyoti Mobile Mart is a new company, situated at third floor of Bishwojyoti Mall northwest of Ranipokhari. The company is fully focused on starting a new mobile gadgets hub in town shifting from New Road area to Jamal. The company has six vacant shops and a big vacant space in the middle on third floor of Bishwojyoti Mall.


The company is established with an idea of expanding mobile phone market which is centralized to Pako, New road till now. We had an idea of expanding the market so we looked for some space outside New Road. We surveyed for many places. After looking for all the requirements we found the perfect place at Bishwojyoti Mall to launch new branded mobile shops there. Thus this company emerged from this small idea.

Mission statement

Our mission is to expand the mobile phone market with the increase in goodwill value of various brands.